Provides a hud for drawing active network clients. There are also options to follow / use selected item when the full window is show.

To enable, set NetworkUI.Enabled to true. A new icon will appear on your vvs bar, and the hud should start drawing immediately. Other characters need to have VTank.VitalSharing enabled for information to be sent across the wire. This option will likely change in the future to be specific to ub networking.

Holding ctrl allows you to click and drag the hud to reposition it, while the window is closed. Holding shift and clicking on character vitals will select that character.



Default Value: False
Show network clients ui (for viewing / controlling networked characters)


Default Value: True
Show hud when main window is closed


Default Value: 22
Network UI Window X position for this character (left is 0)


Default Value: 105
Network UI Window Y position for this character (top is 0)


Default Value: System.Collections.ObjectModel.ObservableCollection`1[UtilityBelt.Lib.Settings.TrackedItem]
Tracked Items