The Chat Logger tool is, as its name implies, a way to log messages in your chat window. The logs are driven by a set of user-defined rules that match the message type and a regular expression pattern that matches the text of the message. By default, these messages will be logged to the Chat Log tab in UB, but can also be saved to disk in settings. The logs will be saved at Documents\Decal Plugins\UtilityBelt\<Server>\<Character>\chat.txt.

Chat Log Rules

To add a new chat log rule:

  1. Create a pattern for messages you’d like to match in the filter field
  2. Select the message types you’d like the filter to apply to
  3. Click the Add Rule button

Message Types

Chat logger supports the following message types:

  • Broadcast - Allegiance MoTD, give messages, craft messages, Mana stone refill, etc.
  • Speech - Local chat
  • Tell - Direct tell (whisper) both incoming and outgoing
  • System - House maintenance due, Rare discovered
  • Combat - Attacks, evades, bleeds
  • Magic - Equipment spells, Spell results (resist, heal, stam-to-mana), Spell expiration
  • Channel - Admin/Sentinel channels
  • Social - Patron/Monarch/Vassal/Co-Vassal chat
  • Emote - Emote text
  • Advancement - Level up message, Skill credit message
  • Abuse - Abuse chat channel
  • Help - Help chat channel
  • Appraisal - ‘So - and - so tried and failed to assess you!’
  • Spellcasting - Spell word messages
  • Allegiance - Allegiance chat messages
  • Fellowship - Fellowship chat
  • World Broadcast - Global quest messages (Aerlinthe, QQ, etc)
  • Recall - Recalling home/mansion/hometown messages
  • Craft - Tinkering success/failure messages
  • Salvaging - Item salvaging messages
  • General - General (global) chat messages
  • Trade - Trade channel chat messages
  • LFG - Looking-For-Group (LFG) chat messages
  • Roleplay - Roleplay chat messages
  • Admin Tell - Direct tell from admin
  • Olthoi - Olthoi chat channel
  • Society - Society chat channel



Default Value: False
Save chat log to disk


Default Value: System.Collections.ObjectModel.ObservableCollection`1[UBLoader.Lib.Settings.ChatLogRule]
List of message types to log