This plugin will attempt to spend experience based on a weighted importance of a skill set in the Policy. The higher the number the more experience you’d be willing to spend on the skill (e.g., War - 10, Endurance - 1 would level War next if it cost less than 10x Endurance).

The plugin can spend either batches of experience up to the max chunk size (/ub xp level) or just enough to get to the next level ((/ub xp slow). If the plugin is already spending experience it will stop if you use a command to spend experience.

You can tell the plugin to stop a specified number of levels before the max, but it will always halt at least 1 before the max.


/ub xp [level|test|slow]

Automatically spend experience according to a policy.


  •  /ub xp - Displays the weights of the current xp policy.
  •  /ub xp test - Displays the way current experience would be spent with the current policy
  •  /ub xp level - Begins (or halts) quickly spending experience with up to MaxXpChunk.
  •  /ub xp slow - Begins (or halts) spending experience one level at a time.



Default Value: 10
Levels before max level to stop attempting to level a target.


Default Value: 300
Time between attempts to spend XP (in milliseconds)


Default Value: 1000000000
Max amount of experience to attempt to spend at once with batch spending.


Default Value: Hellosam.Net.Collections.ObservableDictionary`2[UBLoader.Lib.XpTarget,System.Double]
Weighted policy that determines ratios of xp spent on targets.