Allows you to run actions when certain game events take place. Multiple actions can be added to each event.

Clicking the ? button next to the event type dropdown will output to chat the available expression variables for the specified event. For example the login event makes the character id available in the $gevt_id expression variable, and the character name available in the $gevt_name variable.

You can share a set of defined event handlers with multiple characters by using the Profiles tab in the main plugin window. Setting the profile the [character] will make the defined event handlers unique to this character.


Run the command /framerate on login

  • Event: Login
  • Action: ChatCommand
  • Command: /framerate

Tell your fellowship the items you lost when your character dies

  • Event: CharacterDeath
  • Action: ChatExpression
  • Command: \/f I died and lost\: +$gevt_droppeditems



Default Value: True


Default Value: [character]
GameEvents profile. Set to [character] to use a private set of GameEvents for only this character.


Default Value: System.Collections.ObjectModel.ObservableCollection`1[UtilityBelt.Lib.GameEvents.UBGameEvent]
Defined aliases