I highly suggest enabling test mode before actually running, this can sell all of your stuff so please don’t blame me.

Kind of like mag-tools auto buy/sell. It’s less forgiving, and can sell just about anything. It will load the first profile it finds when you open a vendor in this order:

Documents\Decal Plugins\UtilityBelt\<server>\<char>\autovendor\Vendor Name.utl
Documents\Decal Plugins\UtilityBelt\autovendor\Vendor Name.utl
Documents\Decal Plugins\UtilityBelt\<server>\<char>\default.utl
Documents\Decal Plugins\UtilityBelt\autovendor\default.utl

How to use

  • Create a virindi tank loot profile with some keep rules, here is an example for [Aun Amanaualuan the Elder Shaman](/utl/Aun Amanaualuan the Elder Shaman.utl). (replace underscores with spaces after downloading)
  • Drop the profile in %USERPROFILE%\Documents\Decal Plugins\UtilityBelt\autovendor\
  • Make sure UB AutoVendor option is enabled in the decal plugin window
  • I highly suggest enabling test mode before actually running, this can sell all of your stuff so please don’t blame me.
  • Next time you open Aun Amanaualuan the Elder Shaman, ub will auto buy components and sell peas.
  • If a profile does not exist, nothing will be bought/sold.


  • Supported rule actions: Keep, Keep #, and Sell
    • Keep (buy as many as this item as it can afford. wont sell notes to buy other notes).
    • Keep # (buy # of this item)
    • Sell (sell all of these)
  • Red loot rules are supported (the ones that need id data)
  • Allows default and character override profiles, see directory info at the top of this page
  • Can show vendor sell / buy rates when approaching vendor, see config option on AutoVendor tab.
  • Will buy things even if you don’t have trade notes (assuming you have enough pyreals).
  • Can optionally think to yourself when finished, for better meta integration
  • Things that it wont sell:
    • Currently equipped items
    • Currently wielded items
    • Inscribed items
    • Retained items
    • Tinkered/Imbued items
    • Items with zero value

Example Profiles

  • [Tunlok Weapons Master.utl](/utl/Tunlok Weapons Master.utl)
    • (Sells all salvage except Granite)
  • [Aun Amanaualuan the Elder Shaman.utl](/utl/Aun Amanaualuan the Elder Shaman.utl)
    • Buys components /portal gems. Sells peas.
  • [Thimrin Woodsetter.utl](/utl/Thimrin Woodsetter.utl)
    • Buys supplies based on character’s current skill level (healing kits, cooking pot, rations)


/ub autovendor <cancel|lootProfile>

Auto buy/sell from vendors.


  •  /ub autovendor - Loads VendorName.utl and starts the AutoVendor process.
  •  /ub autovendor cancel - Cancels the current autovendor session.
  •  /ub autovendor recomp.utl - Loads recomp.utl and starts the AutoVendor process.

/ub vendor {open[p] <vendorname,vendorid,vendorhex> | buyall | sellall | clearbuy | clearsell | opencancel}

Vendor commands, with build in VTank pausing.


  •  /ub vendor open Tunlok Weapons Master - Opens vendor with name “Tunlok Weapons Master”
  •  /ub vendor opencancel - Quietly cancels the last /ub vendor open* command



Default Value: True


Default Value: True


Default Value: True


Default Value: False
Test mode (don’t actually sell/buy, just echo to the chat window)


Default Value: False
Think to yourself when auto vendor is completed


Default Value: True
Show merchant info on approach vendor


Default Value: False
Only vendor things in your main pack


Default Value: 4
Attempts to open vendor on /ub vendor open[p]


Default Value: 5000
Tine between open vendor attempts (in milliseconds)