Equipment Manager allows you to create and execute equipment profiles based on VTank loot profiles. As an example, you could have your main suit of armor in a loot profile an issue a command to equip it. Alternatively, if you like to switch to your robe and mask when sitting at your allegiance mansion, you could issue a command to dequip your current items and equip that.

When invoked, Equipment Manager will attempt to load a VTank loot profile in one of the following locations:

  • Documents\Decal Plugins\UtilityBelt\equip<Server><Character><Trade Partner Name>.utl
  • Documents\Decal Plugins\UtilityBelt\equip<Server><Trade Partner Name>.utl
  • Documents\Decal Plugins\UtilityBelt\equip<Trade Partner Name>.utl
  • Documents\Decal Plugins\UtilityBelt\equip<Server><Character>\default.utl
  • Documents\Decal Plugins\UtilityBelt\equip<Server>\default.utl
  • Documents\Decal Plugins\UtilityBelt\equip\default.utl

Example VTank Profiles


/ub equip {list | load [lootProfile] | test [lootProfile] | create [lootProfile]}

Commands to manage your equipment.


  • /ub equip load profile.utl - Equips all items matching profile.utl. * /ub equip list - Lists available equipment profiles. * /ub equip test profile.utl - Test equipping profile.utl

/ub calcdamage

Calculates the buffed damage of the currently selected item. Only cantrip buffs are included in the calculation.


  • /ub calcdamage - calcdamage



Default Value: False
Think to yourself when done equipping items