Allows you to define aliases that run actions when text is typed into the chatbox that matches the specified regular expression. These function in similar fashion to how VTank meta chat captures function. You can capture named groups in your regular expressions to expression variables. Captured regex groups will be set to expression variables named capturegroup_<name>, see examples below.

Multiple aliases can match the same input text, so you can add an alias that runs multiple actions. Aliases cannot override commands that are defined by plugins.

You can share a set of defined aliases with multiple characters by using the Profiles tab in the main plugin window. Setting the profile the [character] will make the defined aliases unique to this character.


Add an alias command /ubpd that shortcuts to /ub propertydump

  • Alias: ^/ubpd$
  • Action: ChatCommand
  • Command: /ub propertydump

Add an alias command /lsr that casts lifestone recall

  • Alias: ^/lsr$
  • Action: Expression
  • Expression: actiontrycastbyid[1635]

Add an /tloc <name> command that sends a tell to <name> with your current location

  • Alias: ^/tloc (?<name>.*)$
  • Action: ChatExpression
  • Expression: \/tell +getvar[capturegroup_name]+\, I am at\: +getplayercoordinates[]

Replace $LOC in typed chat with your current location

  • Alias: ^(?<start>.*)(?<loc>\$LOC)(?<end>.*)$
  • Action: ChatExpression
  • Expression: $capturegroup_start + getplayercoordinates[] + $capturegroup_end



Default Value: True


Default Value: [character]
Aliases profile. Set to [character] to use a private set of aliases for only this character.


Default Value: System.Collections.ObjectModel.ObservableCollection`1[UtilityBelt.Tools.UBAlias]
Defined aliases