This plugin will add items to a trade window that match keep or keep # rules in a VTank loot profile (.utl file). This can be used to automatically mule items during a meta as an alternative to giving items directly. Much like other tools in UB, it requires all items to be assessed to determine whether they can/should be added to the trade window. Other features include automatically accepting the trade after items have been added, and auto-accepting a trade from characters whose name matches a certain pattern. The tool can be launched either from the command line or automatically if a profile exists that matches your trade partner’s name.

When enabled, AutoTrade will attempt to load a profile in one the following locations (stopping when it finds the first match):

  • Documents\Decal Plugins\UtilityBelt\autotrade\<Server>\<Character>\<Trade Partner Name>.utl
  • Documents\Decal Plugins\UtilityBelt\autotrade\<Server>\<Trade Partner Name>.utl
  • Documents\Decal Plugins\UtilityBelt\autotrade\<Trade Partner Name>.utl
  • Documents\Decal Plugins\UtilityBelt\autotrade\<Server>\<Character>\default.utl
  • Documents\Decal Plugins\UtilityBelt\autotrade\<Server>\default.utl
  • Documents\Decal Plugins\UtilityBelt\autotrade\default.utl

Keep/Keep # Rules

AutoTrade supports keep and keep # actions in VTank rules. These actions have the following meanings:

  • Keep - Add all items to trade window that match the rule
  • Keep # (# > 0) - Add up to (#) items to trade window that match the rule (may split stacks if applicable)
  • Keep # (# < 0) - Add all items minus (#) to trade window that match the rule (may split stacks if applicable)

Example VTank Profiles

  • [Shen-Sort I.utl](/utl/Shen-Sort I.utl) - Add trophies/epics/weapons to trade window for sort mule
  • [Shen-Steel I.utl](/utl/Shen-Steel I.utl) - Add full bags of Salvaged Steel to trade window

Auto-Accept List

AutoTrade supports a list of patterns you want to auto-accept any incoming trades from. So, when your trade partner accepts a trade and matches at least one of the patterns in your list, your character will automatically accept the trade. You can add patterns to your character’s list, a shared server list, or a global (all servers) list. The patterns can be any .NET regular expression.

Note: Formerly, the auto-accept list was stored in the character-specific settings.json file. This will continue to be supported for backwards-compatibility purposes, but the /ub autotrade autoaccept add/remove commands will not modify this list. You can use the settings panel to add/remove characters from this list.


/ub autotrade { <lootProfile> | autoaccept { add[gs] <namePattern> | remove[gs] <namePattern> | list } }

Adds all items matching a VTank loot profile to the trade window.


  •  /ub autotrade - Adds all items matching CharacterName.utl to the trade window, where CharacterName is the name of the character you currently have a trade open with.
  •  /ub autotrade mfk.utl - Adds all items matching mfk.utl to the currently open trade window
  •  /ub autotrade autoaccept add Shen-.* - Adds any char matching the pattern Shen-.* to the current character’s auto-accept list
  •  /ub autotrade autoaccept removes Sunnuj - Removes Sunnuj from the auto-accept list for all of your characters on the current server
  •  /ub autotrade autoaccept addg Yonneh - Adds Yonneh to the auto-accept list for all of your characters on any server
  •  /ub autotrade autoaccept list - Lists all auto accept name patterns



Default Value: False
Enable AutoTrade when Trade Window is Opened


Default Value: False
Test mode (don’t actually add to trade window, just echo to the chat window)


Default Value: False
Think to yourself when auto trade is completed


Default Value: False
Only trade things in your main pack


Default Value: False
Auto accept trade after all items added


Default Value: System.Collections.ObjectModel.ObservableCollection`1[System.String]
List of characters to auto-accept trade from