This tool provides a UI for automatically applying tinkering salvage and imbue salvage to weapons and armor. It will choose the best (lowest workmanship) salvage and it to the target item, that still gives a percentage over AutoTinker.MinPercent.

Tinker Tab

This can apply specific salvage, or for melee weapons it can apply the best granite/iron option. The math here follows endy’s tinking calculator and selects highest max damage possible.

  1. Select an item in your inventory you want to tinker.
  2. Set AutoTinker.MinPercent
  3. Choose a salvage type from the dropdown.
  4. Click the populate button.
  5. If it looks good, hit Start.

Imbue Tab

This is capable of bulk applying imbue salvage to items.

  1. Select the appropriate damage and salvage combo
  2. Select refresh
  3. Hit Start OR
  4. Hit the Rend All button
  5. Hit Start

The Rend All button will automatically do the following:

  • Apply black opal to nether and normal wands (including no wield wands)
  • Apply imperial topaz to slash weapons and combo slash/pierce weapons
  • Apply black garnet to pierce weapons
  • Apply white sapphire to bludge weapons
  • Apply jet to electric weapons
  • Apply red garnet to fire weapons
  • Apply emerald to acid weapons
  • Apply aquamarine to cold weapons


/ub getjob

run this command to see tinker jobs currently in queue

/ub tinkcalc

select an item and run this command to see best iron/granite combination



Default Value: 99.5
Minimum percentage required to perform tinker