I highly suggest double checking your active vtank loot profile before using looter, especially if utilizing the autosalvage functionality. It will only salvage items it loots, but is not forgiving.

How to use

  • Modify the Looter settings as needed, they are pretty self explanatory.
  • Open a chest manually and let looter do it’s thing. This is recommended before using the /ub use command on a chest or corpse.
  • If you want, use the /ub use on a chest or corpse. This will open the chest, loot the items that match the current vtank profile and close the chest once complete.


  • Looter uses the active vtank loot profile
  • It is capable of looting the following:
    • Chests
    • Your own corpse
    • Monster corpses if /ub use command was used.
  • Supported rule actions: Keep, Keep #, and Salvage
    • Keep (loot all matching items).
    • Keep # (loot # of this item)
    • Salvage (loot and salvage items matching this rule)
  • Red loot rules are supported (the ones that need id data)
  • Jump looting works best when client has focus or at a force higher fps. It will not try to jump over 200 burden or under 5 stamina. Does not work on GDLE
  • Jump height is customizable and the container will close if you jump too high.
  • Autosavage will only work if /ub use command or the UI was used.
  • Autosalvage will only attempt to salvage items that it looted from the targetted container. It does not currently combine bags.
  • Things that it won’t do:
    • Give you better loot
    • Open your corpse for you



Default Value: False


Default Value: False
Enable the looting of chests


Default Value: False
Enable the looting of your corpse. This will not open your corpse for you.


Default Value: False
Block melee/missile attacks while looting your own corpse. If left off, you may attack and run away from your corpse while looting.


Default Value: False
Jump when looting. This only applies when there is more than one item scanned and needs to be looted. Do not use this on GDLE.


Default Value: 100
Jump height. Full bar is 1000)


Default Value: 10
Number of chest open attempts before quitting.


Default Value: 10
Number of chest unlock attempts before quitting.


Default Value: 500
Number of loot attempts before blacklisting item. This applies per item.


Default Value: False
Autosalvage after looting (only applies when using /ub open(p) and will not run when looting your own corpse).


Default Value: 1000
Delay associated with unlocking, opening and closing a chest in milliseconds. Increase this number if issues start to occur


Default Value: 60
Overall speed of looter in milliseconds (approximate)